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Beoplay A2

Beoplay A2

By on Sep 15, 2015 in Audio | 0 comments

Heavy Duty Sound that Doesn’t Weigh You Down

Weighing in at 2.4 pounds, obtaining a 24 hour of battery life, releasing True360 sound, and coming in four stylish color options, the Beoplay A2 has found it’s way to the top of our Must-Have lists not only for the summer but year round.

Not a fan of a portable Bluetooth speaker? Wait ‘til you hear the sound coming out of this one. This small lightweight speaker, which can easily fit into any bag, transforms the sound of your music to give it true Bang & Olufsen Beoplay sound.

Playing music on the A2 is easy as it easily connects to any device that offers Bluetooth compatibility. If Bluetooth isn’t a favorite, it can also connect to a music playing device via 3.5mm cable.

Once connected, the True360 sound really comes into effect as the pure sound, let’s not forget the rich bass, shock and surprise any listener. This little thing can BUMP, and bump it does! Filling a room with great sound, the A2 lasts up to 24 hours sounding crystal clear until it needs a recharge.

Not only is this the speaker to put in the kitchen, on the nightstand, on the patio, etc. this is the speaker to take on a boat ride, to a picnic, or to the beach. It is and should be the everywhere speaker.

If this speaker is going everywhere, it’s important to address the color options. Beoplay really gives a perfect range of colors that coordinate well with any individual’s style, letting one pick the speaker in the color that truly matches him or her. There is the conventional black, glowing grey, earthy green, and bold black copper.

As music is the soundtrack to one’s life, it is important to make sure it is being heard with the purest of sound in the most stylish of ways. How do you Beoplay A2?

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