The Official Designer & Installer
of the Los Angeles Lakers.

About Us

MIR Audio Video-Bang & Olufsen is proud to provide the latest products from the most exclusive audio video lines in the world. Being in the industry for over 30 years, MIR has done everything from fully integrating and automating homes and office spaces to soundproofing fitness studios.

MIR is fully committed to a goal of enhancing a client’s audio video experience, from the service to the installation. Our certified technicians are experts in their field and are amongst the best in the world. Amongst specializing in home automation design and custom installation, MIR accommodates hospitable services such as residential and commercial design for the following:

  • Residential and commercial cell towers (3G & 4G)
  • All low voltage needs
  • Phones
  • Security Systems & Cameras
  • Internet
  • Service providers i.e. DirecTV, Time Warner COX, etc
  • Lighting control
  • Humidity control
  • HVAC Control
  • Communications 2 ways
  • Analog Phones

With MIR’s excellent project management, clients are always 110% satisfied with their respective projects.

MIR Audio Video-Bang & Olufsen is honored to be The Official Technology Designer and Installer for The Los Angeles Lakers. With it’s close relationship with The Los Angeles Lakers, ESPN, The Academy Awards, Stand Up to Cancer, and many other media platforms, MIR’s clientele is of the most elite. The company really bases its business on return clients. Once a client starts to work with MIR, they become family. Our technicians are always available to our clients whenever they may need.

MIR Audio Video-Bang & Olufsen is the only showroom in the world with Bang & Olufsen, Bowers & Wilkins, Sony Diamond Dealer, Martin Logan, Rotel, and many more top of the line exclusive brands under one roof. MIR’s multi-room showroom allows clients to have a really hands on feel for the products. Products in the showroom range from cables and headphones to fully equipped theatre rooms, ensuring that every clients needs are catered to.

Due to MIR’s unique clientele and close relationships with companies such as ESPN and The Los Angeles Lakers, MIR has become THE destination for audio video companies when they want to launch a new product. If a new product has just been released, MIR has probably already had a launch party for it and has it on display.

MIR Audio Video-Bang & Olufsen utilizes its excellence in customer service to encompass all of a client’s commercial and residential audio video needs to ensure 110% satisfaction.