For over 30 years, Brentwood residential and commercial spaces have trusted MIR Audio Video to expertly design and install cutting-edge, seamlessly integrated custom audio video solutions powered by the latest technology. From meticulously crafted interactive home entertainment systems to advanced commercial audiovisual and sophisticated surveillance solutions, the capabilities of every tailor-made MIR Audio Video Solution are bound only by the imagination.

As a trusted partner of the Academy Awards and ESPNLA Studios, MIR Audio Video Solutions delivers top-quality, sophisticated, and creative AV solutions for residential and commercial spaces in Brentwood, crafting modern and immersive environments that impress and inspire.

Residential Audio Video Solutions for Your Brentwood Home

From highly intuitive, immersive home entertainment experiences to sophisticated outdoor audio, our team of AV experts combines decades of experience with the latest technology to design and expertly install comprehensive home audio video solutions that captivate the senses and perform to impress. As industry pioneers, we have the expertise to confidently transform your home automation and entertainment dreams into reality within budget and on time.

Smart Home Automation

At MIR Audio Video, we obsessively track the latest home-focused technologies – because the home of tomorrow is evolving today. From touch pads and wireless sensors to intuitive network design and customizable lifestyle programming, MIR-designed Brentwood Smart Homes masterfully merge luxury and convenience with single-point control of lighting, speakers, and more from anywhere in or out of the home.

Our end-to-end capabilities include intuitive design and expert installation of customized, sophisticated solutions, like the interconnected Control4 system, to create and unify the smart home of your dreams.

Modern living relies on robust, reliable, end-to-end connectivity for glitch-free and secure smart home automation. That’s why every MIR customized audio video installation for smart home automation delivers on the promise of a strong and secure network to reliably serve home automation in Brentwood, no matter the size of the residence or development.

Moreover, our networks are designed with the latest, most advanced security controls available to safeguard against unauthorized access and disruptions from various sources, keeping your information and data safe and secure.

Indoor and Outdoor Home Theaters

Imagine bringing the immersive excitement of the latest blockbuster, video game, or sporting event to life in your Brentwood home with a sophisticated indoor or outdoor home theater system. From the highest quality picture and sound to fully integrated feature control, MIR Audio Video has created envy-inducing custom audio-video entertainment spaces in Brentwood residences for over three decades.

We offer sophisticated, customized solutions tailored to fit any space’s specific layout and needs, whether it’s an immersive home theater, a multi-room audio system, or a state-of-the-art outdoor entertainment area. From exceptionally intuitive designs to discreet installation, our team possesses the experience and expertise to transform your space with sophisticated, cutting-edge in-home entertainment technology – creating an unrivaled home theater experience to delight the senses.

Professional Television Installation

Our professional television installation service will expertly optimize your television’s performance for a sleek, next-level viewing experience. From optimal positioning, secure mounting, discreet cable management, expert calibration and configuration, and more, we will maximize your home audio-visual investment by providing highly professional, convenient, reliable, and secure television installation and system integration.

Commercial Audio Video Solutions for Your Brentwood Business

Modern businesses rely on technology to deliver the connectivity and convenience that fuels productivity and enhances workplace experiences. Our mission is to transform your business and workplace aspirations into reality.

With an esteemed roster of clients ranging from the Los Angeles Lakers, ESPNLA studios, and the Los Angeles Clippers to countless movers and shakers in the legal, production, and sports management sectors, MIR Audio Visual Brentwood has the experience, creativity, and certified training to bring custom workplace audio-visual ideas to life, regardless of the project’s scale.

Whether it’s optimizing WiFi network speeds, seamlessly integrating conference rooms, configuring custom monitor setups, leveling up video conferencing, enhancing audio experiences in indoor and outdoor spaces, bolstering surveillance systems, or automating shading – we have the expertise to professionally level up your commercial audio-visual systems to pace today’s exacting standards.

Commercial Audio Video Installation

From interactive media distribution to single-source distributed audio systems to captivating video walls, there’s no limit to our technical design and installation prowess with custom audio video installations in Brentwood commercial spaces. We can transform any business or retail space with cutting-edge, interactive, secure custom audio visual solutions that enhance spaces and elevate experiences.

Smart Conference Rooms

A state-of-the-art conference room is more than reliable connectivity – it catalyzes next-level productivity. Whether its crystal-clear, echo-free audio conferencing capabilities, glitch-free and impressively sharp video conferencing systems, or automated light and shade control to complement the agenda – MIR Audio Video can transform your conference room into a sleek and modern workspace equipped to perform on demand with a single touch.

Commercial Sound Systems

Sound up! Our customized audio systems for commercial spaces deliver superior sound inside or outside to compliment any mood and elevate experiences. From regulatory-compliant professional PA systems to immersive sound with discreet speaker placement to zoned audio capabilities and more – each professionally installed MIR Audio & Video commercial sound system is explicitly tailored to your Brentwood business’s unique needs – and always scalable for growth.

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