A state-of-the-art home theater room design offers an incomparable immersive journey, complete with all the comforts of home within reach. For residents of Venice, California, where the vibrant culture and energetic atmosphere thrive, a custom home theater is essential for those seeking premium entertainment experiences.

MIR Audio Video’s expert home theater installation team has been executing custom home theater experiences for Southern California residents for over three decades. As premier Venice home theater designers, MIR transforms ordinary spaces into immersive home theater escapes perfect for entertaining or relaxing with friends and family.

MIR Audio Video Home Theater Designers in Venice, LA

AT MIR Audio Video, we pride ourselves on the superior expertise we provide every client. From inception to completion, our AV experts and seasoned home theater installers work closely with clients to create the perfect cinematic retreat. We offer the latest home entertainment technology, highly creative custom design, and professional installation with exacting and reliable customer service, regardless of the home theater project’s size or budget.

We comfortably work with homeowners, developers, interior designers, and architects to realize each client’s home entertainment aspirations. From home theater lighting design to custom component cabinets to complete home theater system installation, MIR Audio Video confidently does it all.

Outstanding Venice LA Home Theater Installation Services

With MIR, each Venice home theater installation is unique. Our comprehensive services include home theater design ideas, consultation, professional setup, and sophisticated equipment and technology. No matter the project scope, our highly experienced AV experts execute every detail with the utmost respect for both the client and their home.

Home Theater by MIR Audio Video


Imagine being surrounded by the immersive excitement of the latest blockbuster, video game, or sporting event without leaving home. Our Venice LA home theater designers and AV experts collaborate with homeowners, architects, developers, and interior designers to bring home theater visions to life. From spare rooms to bedrooms to basements, we can help transform any space into a cinematic sanctuary designed to entertain.


We offer sophisticated, customized solutions tailored to clients’ specific layouts and needs. With decades of experience in home theater system design, our AV technicians work tirelessly to ensure every Venice LA home theater installation provides cinematic-quality results. After all, there’s more to home theater installation than just designing the visible components. The real magic lies in the wiring and cable management, which are critical to optimal home theater room design and performance.


Always at the forefront of cutting-edge audio and visual technology, MIR Audio Video offers an endless array of next-generation home theater entertainment equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. We specialize in one-of-a-kind solutions customized to the specifications of each home theater installation in Venice LA.  From 4K laser projectors, custom-sized screens, and immersive sound speakers to multi-shelf unit racks for components and a smart remote that conveniently controls everything – we provide only the best.

What Makes Our Venice Home Theater Installers Exceptional

MiR Audio Video Equipped Home

With happy clients like the LA Lakers, LA Clippers, the Academy Awards, ESPNLA, and many more, no project or client is too big or small for MIR Audio Video. We are industry pioneers in home home entertainment solutions, including custom-designed home theater rooms.

Not only do we turn entertainment aspirations into reality with exacting home theater design standards, but MIR also executes every project detail with friendly and knowledgeable customer service from start to finish. However, the success of our home theater design and installation services is best experienced through the lens of our delighted clients, like this one:


“In forty years, they’re the best I’ve ever worked with! MIR Audio Video is great. They are wonderful. They did a great job for me. Their availability is excellent, and their follow-up is thorough. I’m a movie producer and have been involved with audiovisual systems for over forty years.

The people at MIR Audio Video are the best I’ve ever worked with. I recommend them.”

– Mike L.

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Venice Home Theater Installation FAQ

How can I incorporate a home theater room design in my home?

Almost any room in a home can be reimagined with a custom home theater design. From recommending the perfect lighting, sound, and screen to installing everything seamlessly and discreetly, MIR’s expert Venice home theater installers can transform ordinary spaces into home theater sanctuaries.

How much does a home theater installation cost?

Each home theater design and installation is unique, and the cost reflects the project scope and equipment selected. Please book a consultation with one of our Venice LA home theater installers to discuss your project ideas.

Can MIR do a home theater bedroom design?

Absolutely. We can incorporate a home theater system into any room of a home provided the space can accommodate the desired system components, along with any necessary wiring and WiFi requirements.

How does Venice's aesthetic influence home theater design?

A MIR home theater installation in Venice is limited only by your imagination! From traditional to cottage chic to ultra-modern, our expert design and installation team will work with you to create the home theater retreat of your dreams.