With almost 70 years of experience, Marantz brand brings the very best audio experience imaginable. All chances are that you’ve had an opportunity to get in touch with these audio systems without even knowing that you’re dealing with a product and idea of one Saul Marantz.

Let’s learn more about the Marantz brand.

Initially developed in Kew Gardens, New York, Marantz brand has been produced and manufactured all over the world. In the 60s Marantz audio systems were built in Japan, through a partnership with Standard Radio Corp. In the 70s, a manufacturing plant was founded in Walloon Region, Belgium, and in the 80s this brand was primarily distributed by Philips Electronics globally.

About the same time, Marantz developed one of the first Digital Stereo Enhanced systems. As true pioneers in the audio industry, their products served as inspiration for many different brands of audio systems. But they hardly delivered the same quality of audio experience.

With Marantz, it’s all about the music!

Marantz Amplifiers

Master Tuned Amplifiers, designed with taste and built to last. Exquisite sound tuning capabilities will make the most demanding professionals happy.

Marantz AV Receivers

Engineered with dedicated parts for two-channel Hi-Fi performance, Marantz AC Receivers deliver exceptional performance and sound quality at half the height of a traditional AV Receiver.

Marantz AV Separates

Carefully tuned to deliver the most enjoyable music and movie experiences, Marantz AV Separates pure Marantz audio through any configuration you need.

Marantz Turntables

Marantz turntables are crafted with extraordinary care and precision, with a Belt Drive System with Endless Silicon Belt and Asynchronous AC Motor.

Marantz Network Audio Players

Stream music from Internet Radio, Spotify, SiriusXM, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Deezer and more with Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 or HEOS built-in system.

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