With conference championship games on the horizon, excitement for the most-watched live TV event of the year is ramping up! Whether you are rooting for the season’s front-runners (49ers and Ravens) or dark horse contenders (Lions and Browns)1, the question of who will be playing will blow up group chats about as much as the next big question – where to watch?

This year’s big game is in Las Vegas, and officials expect record levels to descend upon Sin City for the event. (Fun Fact: this marks the first time Las Vegas and the entire state of Nevada has hosted the Super Bowl). However, if viewership is anything like last year’s game, which had over 100M fans watching, there will be no shortage of Super Bowl watch parties around Los Angeles this year.

So, if you’re one of the many planning to host, now is the time to get home entertainment systems game-ready. After all, no amount of chips and dips can compete with an awe-inspiring, immersive game-day viewing experience. So, keep reading to discover what MIR Audio Video, Los Angeles’ leading AV services company, recommends for the best Super Bowl TV viewing experience.

Choosing the Perfect TV for Super Bowl Sunday

There’s no better way to experience the excitement of watching football than with cutting-edge home entertainment systems that level up viewing by masterfully igniting the senses. What better way to experience the game than on a screen full of vivid colors and crystal-clear details that bring the players to life, making every dynamic play palpable? Or when the crowd’s roar is an auditory experience that mirrors the energy of a live stadium?

Creating a sensory extravaganza that transcends the boundaries of game watching at home is possible with the right design, equipment, and expert installation – and MIR Audio Video Los Angeles can get you there in time for February’s big event.

Best 4K and OLED TVs for Sports

When high-definition visuals make it possible to witness every nuance of the game, from the beads of sweat on the players’ foreheads to the sheer intensity in their eyes, viewing feels eerily life-like. That’s the beauty of today’s advanced television technology that’s made for entertainment, like USA Today’s “Best TV of 2023”, the SONY BRAVIA XR 77” Class A95L QD-OLED 4K HDR Google TV – truly one of the most impressive 4K TVs Los Angeles sports and entertainment enthusiasts has experienced.

Sony’s A95L 77” TV is loaded with features that offer impeccable picture quality when watching fast-moving sports. Powered by XR OLED Motion, picture and movement are vibrant and clear – creating life-like viewing amplified by the SONY Cognitive Processor XR™ on an impressive 77” screen. It’s a MIR Audio Video best-seller and a winning OLED TV for sports and immersive game-watching.

Why Sound Quality Matters
for the Big Game

However, a great picture for Super Bowl TV isn’t complete without superior sound to really bring the action to life. Cutting-edge sound systems enhance viewing experiences by adding depth, realism, and emotional impact to the screen’s action.

Superior ”atmospheric” sound systems for sports can replicate a stadium’s ambient noise, including the crowd’s cheers, the thud of footsteps, and even the echo of the surroundings – adding authenticity to the viewing experience. From audio-enhancing soundbars to immersive surround sound systems, quality audio complements the on-screen action, creating life-like Super Bowl sound quality.

Outdoor Super Bowl
Party Essentials

The year-round Mediterranean climate in Los Angeles makes game day temps on the left coast perfect for outdoor watch parties – and MIR Audio Video has all the tech necessary to create a game-worthy outdoor entertainment setting.

Top Outdoor TVs for Your
Super Bowl Bash

The sunny days and occasional showers of LA winters are no match for a top-quality weatherproof TV like the Terrace by Samsung. A MIR Audio Video client favorite, these worry-free QLED 4K TVs are equipped to handle the elements by automatically optimizing picture quality and clarity, no matter how bright or overcast the weather is on gameday.

Available in partial to full sun-compatible options (a must-have feature for outdoor TVs in Los Angeles), Samsung’s Terrace TVs are equipped with wide viewing angles that offer excellent views from any seat – thanks to glare-resistant and weather-resilient screen technology.

Projectors: Bringing the Stadium Experience Home

Home projectors on Super Bowl Sunday are the clear winners when gameday calls for a go-big or go-home experience. From kick-off to the winning touchdown, immerse guests in an authentic large-screen viewing experience with a native 4K laser projector by Sony. When it comes to high-quality home projectors for the ultimate watch party, Sony delivers larger-than-life 4k picture quality from the comfort of your home.

With decades of experience designing and installing next-level home theater systems in Los Angeles homes, MIR Audio Video offers a robust line of projectors that will transcend any Super Bowl TV viewing aspirations.

Superior Sound Systems for an Immersive Game Day

Sound up for kick-off! Amplify your game day gathering with Super Bowl speakers that bring the game’s sounds to life. Professionally installed immersive sound systems ensure dynamic audio by reproducing life-like sounds that heighten the intensity of the action on screen.

Choosing the Right Speakers
for Your Space

Creating an immersive audio experience involves selecting the right types of speakers and strategically placing them to optimize audio quality and spatial effects. MIR Audio Video has a wide range of Super Bowl speakers guaranteed to create sound-defying, immersive audio indoors or out.

Choose from audio innovators like James, Sonance, and more to elevate sound inside and outside the home. MIR’s audio experts will guide you through speaker selection, placement options, and installation to ensure superior audio quality and spatial effects.

Wireless and Multi-room
Audio Solutions

Multiroom and wireless audio systems have revolutionized home audio experiences. These technologies provide flexibility, convenience, and the ability to customize sounds throughout different areas of a home. Advancements in wireless capabilities offer the convenience of wire-free speaker connectivity and multi-device compatibility without sacrificing sound quality.

Never miss a play with synchronized playback of the big game across multiple rooms or zones in your home with a customized multi-room sound system. This modern audio solution can be integrated with smart home platforms, enabling voice control and automation to centrally command audio playback, volume adjustment, or switching between audio sources.

Expert Installation and Setup by MIR Audio Video

For professional and reliable Los Angeles AV services, look no further than MIR Audio Video for top-quality Super Bowl viewing solutions. As a trusted partner of the Academy Awards and ESPNLA Studios, MIR has impressively transformed homes and businesses with modern, intelligent, and scalable audio-video solutions for over three decades.

Our AV experts can do everything, from planning unforgettable home entertainment systems to guiding optimal component selection to worry-free installation – just in time for the big game. We’ve helped transform Los Angeles homes with top-quality entertainment technology solutions for years, from professional TV installation for optimal viewing to executing envy-inducing immersive sound systems – and so much more.

Now is the time to get football-ready with impressive Super Bowl home entertainment systems by MIR Audio Video, and there’s plenty of time to have everything you need professionally installed ahead of all the action in February.

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What makes a TV great for watching sports like the Super Bowl?

To ensure you catch every detail of the game in life-like clarity, look for a high refresh rate for smooth action, a large screen size for an immersive experience, and 4K or OLED technology for sharp, vibrant images.

Can I set up an outdoor entertainment system for a Super Bowl party?

Absolutely! Today’s outdoor TVs are specifically designed to withstand weather and glare from the sun. We also offer portable projectors and outdoor sound systems that can turn your backyard into the ultimate Super Bowl party venue.

What are the advantages of using a projector for the Super Bowl?

Projectors offer a larger viewing area, making them ideal for group viewings. They can project onto a screen or a blank wall, creating a stadium-like experience at home.

How important is the sound system for watching the Super Bowl?

A high-quality sound system is crucial for a complete Super Bowl experience. It enhances the overall atmosphere, making you feel like you’re in the stadium with clear, dynamic sound.

Do you recommend wireless or wired sound systems for Super Bowl viewing?

Both have their advantages. Wireless systems offer flexibility and a cleaner look without wires, while wired systems can sometimes provide a more stable and higher-quality audio experience. It depends on your room layout and preferences; our experts can guide you through the selection process.

Can MIR Audio Video help with the installation of a new TV or sound system before the Super Bowl?

Yes, we offer professional installation services. Our team can help you set up your new TV or sound system just in time for the Super Bowl, ensuring everything is perfectly configured for the best gameday experience.

Are there multi-room audio solutions for Super Bowl parties?

Yes, we offer multi-room audio systems that allow you to stream the game’s audio throughout your home. This way, you won’t miss a moment of the action, no matter where you are in the house.

What are the best brands of TVs and sound systems for watching sports?

We carry the top brands known for their quality in sports viewing, including Samsung, Sony, LG, and Bose. Each offers unique features suited for an enhanced Super Bowl experience.