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Awesome all around

Just one of the best customer experiences ever, not to mention how capable and smart Roy and Brian are!! I highly recommend them for any AV needs.

I will always use them and recommend them!

MiR Audio Video has been very good to work with in the past. Most recently, I had one of their technicians out to my residence to install a new television. Everything turned out great! The technician was very knowledgeable and respectful. I always recommend them and definitely will use MiR Audio Video again.


Not only are they professional and friendly but they're installation guys do a great job and always get us set up and running in a timely manner! We love MiR Audio!

Fantastic Assistance On Finding Product/Rushed Shipping

I was in a tight bind for various reasons and was looking for a rather new and fragile television, and I needed it in a very short amount of time. Roy at MiR was on it and extremely helpful, personable, accommodating, and understanding of my request. He found the exact product out of state and had it hauled over to his store within less than 24 hours.
It amazed me and my department. I cannot recommend a better company for this type of need. Corinne at the front desk helped move things forward with accounting and courtesy updates via phone and email. Great team and fantastic turnaround.

High Quality, Excellent Service, They Go Above and Beyond!

MiR Audio Video did a phenomenal job for me! This was my first time using them. I found them when I was doing research on the Sony web site and it listed them as an authorized dealer. They came out to install televisions in the living room and bedroom with brackets. The workers exceeded my expectations! They were very knowledgeable and very good with design. They found good ways to hid the cords and wiring. They showed up on time, they were polite and they were respectful of my home. Their pricing is very fair and they do high-quality work. Their experienced sales staff really cares about your experience and they do their best to make sure you are satisfied and happy. You can tell that the workers are knowledgeable and experienced with how efficiently and quickly they were able to complete the job. I want to let people know that you can trust that the workers are experienced, knowledgeable and will complete your project with quality and care, so don't hesitate to call MiR Audio Video!

Terrific Service!

I purchased a new television from MiR Audio Video. The television is great! Just perfect! I paid the nominal fee of $10.00 to have them come out and set it up for me. I thought that was a steal for all the work they did. They delivered and set up the same day. Zack who helped me is extremely nice and personable. He assured me that I could call them at any time if I had any difficulty with anything. I was treated with the utmost respect! I am elderly and quite small and these technicians really helped me with all of this! I am extremely grateful for them because my television is very important to me as I do not get out much.

Simply Amazing With Great Personability!

I have used MiR Audio Video in the past. They hooked up my entire house, meaning all the lights, doors, and television so that it can be controlled by one system. They also designed the system so that everything was able to be put together in one. I was having a few major problems with an old system and they did a great job of an upgrade for me. They always smile and are always very happy and extremely personable! I feel as though we have become friends! They are very knowledgeable about what they do. If I ever have any problems they are really quick to come out and take great care to get it resolved. They do not cut corners and they do not charge me an arm and leg for their services either. I would give them a six-star rating, but five is as high as this will go. I can honestly say that I have never had a problem with their work, ever!

Head and Shoulders Above Everyone Else!

MiR Audio Video is fantastic. Their guy is the most skilled around here and he provides the best service. All their employees are just outstanding. I've had them install a couple of high end televisions at my place. He's not only really skilled in installation, he's also super knowledgeable. He finds ways to maximize the the equipment's capability keeping in mind the client's needs. There's no one as good as he is in this town. I'll say that he is head and shoulders above the rest.

Exceptional Performance, Beyond Expectations

I had a large home (whole home) high end wifi, tv and audio requirement that I took to several leading custom design and installation retailers for specification and pricing. Mir's pricing for the same or similar components was better than the other retailers (about the same or less than I could buy on-line separately from Amazon or various specialty websites), but their ability to understand my family requirements and design a system to meet our needs was truly exceptional. However, it usually is in the installation, training, and follow up where an otherwise good relationship tends to unravel. That was not the case with Mir! They have exceeded my expectations by a long shot. The relationship I established with Issac, Roy, Karyn and Alex never broke down. Under difficult circumstances, they have perfectly performed each and every understanding we had. and, as a result, I'm a completely satisfied customer. Based on this very good experience, it is comforting to know that Mir is available to me as a reliable "go to one stop resource" for all my future home entertainment and automation needs.

I will absolutely use them again because they are incredible.

I was extremely satisfied with MiR Audio Video and I am going to tell everybody about them. They are not only very professional but they are also very personable. This was my first time doing business with them and I will definitely use them again because they are incredible.