One of the most versatile manufacturers on the market, and arguably one of the most renowned internationally recognized brands in technology overall, SAMSUNG needs no introduction. Famous for their durability and quality in production, and celebrated for their persistence in constant innovation, SAMSUNG builds smartphones, home appliances, computers, tablets, audio systems and so much more, but what they are really famous for are their Television Sets.

With decades of experience in TV making, Samsung has perfected their recipe for the top watching experience. The stellar picture quality and HDR/SDR images, impressive sound systems, including the latest OTS additions, and the unmatched, state of the art 4K technology, are just some of the reasons why Samsung Tvs end up in over 40 million households each year.

An interesting fact about Samsung: The company was founded in March 1938, which officially makes the company 84 years old this month. This is why we’ve decided to present to you their latest and greatest home theater, available at yours truly.

Introducing the Samsung Neo QLED TV

The Samsung 98” QN90A Samsung Neo QLED 4K Smart TV has been referred to as unfathomably good by Forbes, and it’s the top choice of Tech Radar when it comes to home entertainment.

It comes with a powerful AI powered by Neo Quantum processor, with full 4K resolution on a 98” screen. Dynamic sound setup has an object tracking system, focusing your attention on the action, all in a crystal clear image. It also comes with NextGen TV built-in tuners, allowing you to access free 4K TV content on your Samsung TV.

Now Available at MIR Audio & Video

This wonderful home theater system is now available at yours truly. And need we remind you that MIR Audio & Video is a Samsung Platinum Partner, meaning that we can distribute but also install and perform quality assurance necessary for the ultimate viewing experience.

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