Your Home Theater experience will never feel the same after you try out the latest Sony ES projectors! Now available at yours truly – Mir Audio&Video. The best quality image, 4K HDR visuals with incredible contrast even in well-lit spaces, installed, implemented and quality tested by your local team of professionals.

VPL-XW5000ES | 4K Laser Projector

A native 4K laser projector that brings a seamless HDR quality to your home, with 2,000 lumens bringing you the wide range, high brightness, and resolution of your image.

VPL-XW6000ES | Big & Clear Visuals

With 2,500 lumens of brightness and the latest technologies built by Sony, this projector presents the new standard when it comes to home entertainment.

VPL-XW7000ES | The Immersive Experience

3,200-lumen laser light source, Native 4K SXRD technology, HDR images, and Wide Dynamic Range Optics – this projector makes no compromises when it comes to quality.

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