Do you know what Wi-Fi stands for? Absolutely nothing! A marketing company came up with the term Wi-Fi as a play on words for Hi-Fi. There are a ton of speculations about the origin of the term, but the truth is that Wi-Fi is its own thing.

And while Wi-Fi doesn’t really stand for anything, we can’t stand not having it. Believe it or not, more than 71% of travelers list Free Wi-Fi as their top priority when it comes to accommodation amenities. Not to mention how vastly important it is for tech companies. It’s hard imagining a business place without Wi-Fi access.

Mir Audio & Video specializes in Wi-Fi network systems installation, and we also carry top of the line brands for any project scope and size. If you need a stable, reliable, fast connection whether you’re at your home, place of work, or even your backyard – we have the best Wi-Fi Network Systems and we can provide you with a quote for your project today!

Check out some of our top brands, picked by and installed by our own senior experts! Or, if you are looking for a customized solution specifically for your needs – get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with the quote for your project.

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Pakedge Wi-Fi Mesh Networks

Designed for Audio & Video Quality

Almost undetectable, installed in-wall or in-ceiling, the Pakedge mesh Wi-Fi system is not just a stylish looking solution for your residence or business. The network of access points provides great coverage, seamless streaming across many devices, and it can all be managed remotely.

Eero Wi-Fi Systems

Fastest Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

Probably one of the most popular home Wi-Fi network systems, and for a good reason – the Eero Wi-Fi system puts smart in smart homes! With the network access points organized strategically around your residence, providing a steady flow of information to all of your devices, at all time.

Araknis Networks Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

Reliable in Any Environment

Impeccable speed, coverage and reliability are the key qualities of Arkanis Network Mesh Wi-Fi Systems. A favorite in the IT sector, with cloud management and simple installation process, Arkanis is often a choice of our residential clients as well, due to its unmatched bandwidth.

Wi-Fi Networks Installation in Los Angeles and beyond

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