Did you know that installing security cameras makes your place 300% safer from break-ins and burglary? It’s true! An extra pair of all seeing eyes strategically placed around, and within, your home act like a deterrent for thieves and burglars. And even if they do decide to let themselves in, or grab a package from your porch while you’re not at home, the video recording of the criminals in act can certainly help with the arrest of those criminals and in retrieval of your belongings.

But how to pick the right surveillance system for your home? We encourage you to do your research, but if you want the opinion of the professionals – you can’t go wrong with Luma Surveillance Systems.

If you’re looking for a clear image, professional grade equipment, advanced playback capabilities, access through your phone and other devices, plus a constant live feed surveillance available in the palm of your hand – consider Luma Surveillance.

This brand is the perfect match of high quality and ease of use. Installed by professionals from MIR Audio & Video, Luma integrates flawlessly with your home automation systems and fulfil all of your monitoring needs.

Check out some of the most popular Luma Surveillance cameras!

Luma Surveillance Cameras & Recording Systems

The ultimate HD Solution suitable for both indoor and outdoor surveillance, connected to your phone via app and providing a crystal clear feed of your residence 24/7, including full color videos during nighttime.

Available in different styles to match your home decor and design, reliable and with impressive storage capabilities – there is no challenge for Luma Surveillance Cameras.

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